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PI Trax … a quick introduction  
A core design feature of a Bovino Consulting Group plan is the formation, training and activation of Performance Improvement Teams. Their mission is simple … to identify and implement ideas to improve operating performance and business success. Central to any betterment initiative is the organizations ability to measure the results, track the results, and communicate the results to all in the organization. PI Trax is a system to help accomplish the above objectives.
PI Trax is our web-based system of identifying the PI Teams, their leaders, members, activities, priority (HOT) projects/problems etc. More importantly PI Trax records the Performance Improvement Team’s results by project/problem, by various time horizons and by improvement categories.
PI Trax is password protected and shields client data from unauthorized users. Any authorized employee in an organization may search results by PI Team in that organization. Managers may search results by department.  Senior executives with Gainsharing plans in multiple locations may search results by location … the combinations are endless.
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