“The Bovino Gainsharing system has consistently exceeded my expectations in real performance improvement” Click here to read more “Our employees are earning 15 to 25 percent Gainsharing pay each month, based on real performance improvement” Click here to read more “The Bovino Gainsharing model has been implemented in four of our plants. We will implement it in all future acquisitions.” Click here to read more “Without the huge employee productivity and material usage improvements from the Bovino Consulting Group’s Gainsharing Plan we would not be surviving the 2009 recession.” Click here to read more “Vince Bovino delivered a powerful and easy to understand Gainsharing Executive Workshop. I guarantee you will not fall asleep.” Click here to read more “For years we have been measuring too many things and some wrong things. The Bovino Gainsharing model forced us to measure and reward the right things…” Click here to read more “The Gainsharing process by Bovino Consulting changed our employees’ behavior…we couldn’t do it ourselves.” Click here to read more “Your guidance and dedication has been invaluable…I can assure you that we will again be turning to you for assistance.” Click here to read more “The first year of our Gainsharing Plan has gone very well. Total saving have been $3,272,675…” Click here to read more “The consultant (with Bovino Consulting Group) who did all the statistical and analytical work to develop and validate the pay model is second to none….he is super accurate and very fast...” Click here to read more “We have interviewed other Gainsharing consulting firms and none, yes no one, come close to the knowledge, drive and passion seen in Bovino Consulting.” Click here to read more

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  • Pyr_1Reward

    The Reward System is the high–octane fuel that drives operating performance to new levels.

    Bovino Consulting has proven, time–after–time, that well–designed variable pay incentive systems tied to performance factors that employees can influence are, infact, motivational and will change employee behavior and produce positive business results.

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  • Pyr_2Performance

    A comprehensive performance information feedback system to employees is the life blood of any improvement iniative.

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  • Pyr_3Performance
    Improvement System
  • Pyr_4Line-of-Sight
    Performance Targets

    Line–Of–Sight Performance Targets (LSTs) are "micro" or "mini" performance goals that are specific to a team or department. They are performace measures that drive the success of that team or department.

    LSTs help create that all important linkage between what employees do in their work area, the KPIs' results and the associated reward.

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  • Pyr_5Key Performance Indicators

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the common, critical, "macro", organization-wide performance measures that drive business success. They measure the results of the overall organization and are the basis for the reward system.

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  • Pyr_6Plan Design Features

    This is the structure of your plan. They are the administrative aspects of your plan. These features describe every detail of your plan. There are 25
    ( + or – ) Plan Features that must be addressed to ensure a comprehensive, well thought out plan.

    Your plan is the rock-solid foundation of your improvement iniative.

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  • Employees in Most Organizations Have Hundreds, if Not
    Thousands, of Ideas for Betterment That Go Untapped. A
    Business Tragedy that Can Be Quickly Reversed!

Yes, improvement must be driven from the top, down; however, improvement must also be driven from the bottom up.  That is the ideal combination. 

Throw out the suggestion boxes … as a general rule they are not effective.  Instead, build a potent, results driven network of well-trained performance improvement teams focused on identifying, and more importantly, implementing changes for betterment.

The objective of the team-based Performance Improvement System is to unleash the teams’ creativity and enthusiasm and enable them to take action.  Their single-minded focus is to significantly move to new heights, the performance levels of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Remember, the KPIs are THE critical business drivers.
Our experience implementing and training over 2000 Performance Improvement Teams enables us to recommend a team-based improvement model that produces excellent results.   
Our recommended model embraces two very different, but important, types of improvement teamsPerformance Improvement (PI) Teams and Breakthrough Improvement Teams
Performance Improvement Teams
Performance Improvement Teams
are strategically positioned throughout the organization working on continuous improvement opportunities in their work area.  They are generally considered to be fixed or semi-permanent.   Approximately 15% of the employees in an organization are actively involved in the structured Performance Improvement (PI) Teams. The teams’ coaches, co-leaders and members are trained to follow a simple and effective problem-solving process, implement change, document results, and be accountable for their results.

Breakthrough Improvement Teams
Breakthrough Improvement Teams are specifically formed to work on high-impact opportunities for improvement. They are assigned to work on “big-ticket” challenges. The team remains in place until the project is complete and the results can be measured. Employees may serve on a Breakthrough Improvement Team and continue to perform their normal job, or they may be temporarily assigned on a full-time basis to work as a Breakthrough Improvement Team member.