Smart Talks (existing clients only)

Step #1:
Secure your user name and password from your Gainsharing Task Force Chairperson or any Task Force member.

Step #2:
For individual, or very small group, briefings, ensure that the audio (sound) feature of your computer is activated and functioning.
For large group presentations, ensure that the projection system is functioning (including the audio feature).  Connect your computer to the projection and audio system.

Step #3:
From this web page, go to the login (right), enter your user name and password.

Step #4:
Click on your client number link. You will be redirected to your Client User page. 

Step #4:
Click on the desired Smart Talk to be played.

Step #5:
Click Play.  During the presentation you will be able to pause or go back.

Step #6:
After the Smart Talk is complete you may:

  • Replay the same Smart Talk
  • Select another Smart Talk
  • Close the window/tab (this will end your Smart Talk session)